Preserving your expensive furniture during the move should be a top priority. Whether you are making the move alone or with the assistance of expert removal companies, this is a necessary step. The last thing you would want is for your pricey possessions and furniture pieces to be destroyed when you arrive. Your furniture will get scratched if you don’t take the necessary care and safety measures. Removal companies have their way of dealing with furniture pieces. However, if you’re packing alone, here are a few tips to help you assemble the furniture pieces properly to prevent any damage. 

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Tips to pack furniture pieces properly during the removal process

Use the right packing materials

Many people think that cardboard boxes are the best solution for packing during removal. However, this is a myth. To guarantee 100% protection from scratches, wrap the same with bubble wrappers before putting it inside the cardboard box. Use sealable bags, ridged cardboard sheets, and soft rug covers. Covering them with these things helps in keeping them safe. 

Dissemble the furniture parts

It is always a great idea to dissemble the furniture pieces first. If you methodically disassemble the furniture, you can place the pieces in the box before packing them so they are not damaged. This will prevent any accident in transit. 

Make effortless packing

Professionals always prefer preparing the furniture beforehand before packing it. This helps to prevent all types of scratches and damages. You need to clean the furniture items first. Start with dry cloth pieces. Mop the furniture pieces with clean pieces of cloth. If your furniture has drawers, cabinets or shelves, separate them from the main furniture and pack them accordingly. 

Place items strategically

Once you’re done with the packaging, make sure that you place the parts and the furniture pieces strategically. Always place the heavy parts and the heavier ones on top of them. If you are also transporting upholsteries, then make sure you place them separately and take proper care of them. Also, ensure that you provide additional information about the same to the people who are transporting the same.

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